Network news anchor stops on Bowling Green to stretch his legs and broadcast evening news

So Bowling Green got it’s moment in the national political spotlight… even if it was an “accident of geography.”

Charles Gibson and The ABC World News Tonight team rolled into town as part of their Midwest, Swing State, “Battleground Bus Tour.” After broadcasting Monday night from Dayton, the World News Tonight crew began showing up on the campus of Bowling Green State University about mid-morning on Tuesday.

The network news anchor’s presence was felt throughout campus as students near the technical trucks gossiped about what was going on and who would be on TV. And a crowd began to quickly swarm around GIbson when he came out of the Battleground Bus (where he spent the lion’s share of the day) to come out and be interviewed by, and shoot promo’s with, local ABC affiliate anchors.

And the excitment reached a fever pitch when hundreds of students, facutly, staff and Bowling Green residents amassed to watch Gibson broadcast an episode of World News from the lawn in front of University Hall. And aside from one lone heckler (who yelled out “I love Fox News” and “You’re a bully charlie, I love Sarah Palin!”) the crowed was eager to see Gibson.

But how eager was Gibson to see the Bowling Green residents? Maybe not all that much.

In an press conference with local media after the broadcast, Gibson explained that Bowling Green was chosen because of it’s proximity to Dayton, the first stop of the tour, saying “It was an accident of geography.”

But Bowling Green also fit other requirements of newsworthiness besides ease of access from I-75.

“We wanted to go to smaller towns and one college campus along the way,” Gibson said. “It’s a good school. People know it; it’s a large campus.”

Hear Gibson explain in his own words how Bowling Green was chosen and what he’s learned from his time here at The BG News Web site.


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